"Exercises are like prose, whereas yoga is the poetry of movements. Once you understand the grammar of yoga; you can write your poetry of movements."
Amit Ray, Yoga and Vipassana: An Integrated Life Style

Here at Aluna Yoga, we offer a tranquil environment for people to relax and enjoy the practice of yoga through an exploration of the connection between body, breath and mind.


We offer both private and group classes, suitable for all levels of experience. We believe yoga is a beneficial practice that develops strength and flexibility while also bringing a little peace to our lives.

Pricing Structure

Private Session

50 /session

60 min class

6 Week Course

75 /6 week course

60 min class


25 /session

2 hour class


"For the past year I’ve been going to a weekly yoga class and it is something I really look forward to each week. It’s a great feeling to step away from everything and give yourself the time and space in a class to be completely present and enjoy the stillness yoga can help you discover. The Loft is a really beautiful space to practice yoga in and Andrea is a fantastic yoga teacher. I’d recommend yoga (especially in the Loft!) to everyone."


"It was suggested to me that I take up restorative Yoga to help with adrenal fatigue and my general well being, after a few months I attended Andrea's workshops and I found them to have a very positive after effect both with sleep and stress relief. The class just before last Christmas proved to me it's effectiveness. I arrived late, very anxious and worn out. I left the class happy and relaxed and it was like a re set. Andrea's classes highlighted many things for me both physically and mentally . I am more aware of how my body moves and works and I have increased flexibility 😊 Yoga is great 🤙🏽"


"Aluna yoga with Andrea is pure escapism especially now during these unprecedented times. It is a beautiful safe space to allow you to reconnect & restore under Andrea's soft & reassuring guidance. Can't recommend it highly enough!"


    Andrea Conlan

    Hello, my name is Andrea Conlan and I am a fully qualified yoga instructor.

    My intention as a teacher is to share my love and passion for yoga, self care and
    relaxation. As our lives continue to get busier, it’s vital that we prioritise our well-being and to make this ongoing commitment to ourselves requires practice.

    Yoga is for everybody and it brings empowerment and connection to our mind, body and spirit to
    support us in our lives and whatever may come our way.

    Contact Information

    Please contact me directly with regard to booking.

    The Loft

    Bishopsland House, Bishopsland, Kildare Town, Co.Kildare
    Phone: +353 87 911 6334
    Email: alunayogakildare@gmail.com

    The Yurt

    The Yurt, Kilmead, Co.Kildare
    Phone: +353 87 911 6334
    Email: alunayogakildare@gmail.com